In the Month of February 2008 we started a care and support home in a rented house with 10 orphan boys who are HIV+Ve. They lost their parents due to AIDS. They are orphans and neglected by the society. In India HIV+ve children and youth are increasing day by day.

Our main aim is to provide these children proper food, medication, clothing and shelter. We too have a tough time to get a rented house and admit these children in a school. Many have refused and by Godís grace we succeeded to get one for the time being, but we are not sure how long they will allow us to occupy of that. Children are happy to go to school and play with other children. At present there are 40 children in our care and support centre. We are receiving many phone calls from different people that, there are some more children with HIV+ve and orphans. Due to lack of funds we are not able to provide accommodation.

Shanthi Ashram encourages you to participate to fulfill these objectives. We invite you to visit these kids to know them more closely and become a regular Sponsor/Donor as an Organization or as an Individual.   More>>

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