HIV +ve orphan boys below the age of 14 years are taken into Shanthi Ashram. Apart from providing the basic needs viz., food, clothing and shelter, the focus would be on providing them education through good english medicum schools. Apart from the school education children are also provided assistance in their subjects and those poor in studies are provided special care to ensure all the children excel in their academics. Recreation and moral teaching is also imparted to enable holistic development of the children.

Though these children's life span is low, we strongly believe in their healing through divine intervention and the advances in Medical Treatment for HIV +ve persons. Thus these kids who progress to college education would also be assisted until they are in a position to gain employment and sustain themselves to be exemplary citizens.

Shanthi Ashram encourages you to participate to fulfill these objectives. We invite you to visit these kids to know them more closely and become a regular Sponsor/Donor as an Organization or as an Individual.   More>>

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