My heart moves when I remember Dr.Raja Reddy and his Shanthi Ashram. I whole heartedly appreciate his care and concern for these unfortunate kids. Itís only the Love and Compassion of Jesus that makes one to take responsibility of so many children and give them a dignified and respectable life. Itís my desire to see many come forward to support this humble cause by joining our hands with Dr.Reddy, so that we all share the responsibility of building these lives.
Dr.Rebecca Priyadarshini
Naturopathic Physician
I appreciate the noble and challenging task which Dr.Raja Reddy has undertaken. He has sacrificed his personal life and is taking care of HIV +ve kids as his own, which is commendable. When people around thought it risky to even get close to these kids, Dr.Reddy stood tall and is providing them good care.
Ayurvedic Physician
Shanthi Ashram is the home for 30 HIV Positive kids Its the place where these kids are given unconditional love and affection.Dr Raja Reddy Sir is a true inspiration for all of us.He single handedly manages the place.All the kids are very bright and very well mannered. Hope we all succeed in our mission in giving these kids quality education and all the kids become self independent and highly successful in their lives.

Hope Raja Sir's love, care and affection increases their life span and they can enjoy all the moments of their lives.
Ms. Jyoti & Friends
Shanthi Ashram is a true abode for the humanity and love. A home, where the kids are treated with utmost care and affection, there would never be a chance for the kid to have a home sick feeling. I appreciate Dr. Rajareddy sirís spirit to continue such mission despite all the difficulties and hardships. We would always be there with you as support, sir!
Mr. Anvesh

Shanthi Ashram encourages you to participate to fulfill these objectives. We invite you to visit these kids to know them more closely and become a regular Sponsor/Donor as an Organization or as an Individual.   More>>

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